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Double Paned Windows and Doors

Keep out drafts, reduce moisture, and save on energy bills with a simple upgrade

Have you ever been sitting in the living room and felt a cool breeze running across your feet - even though the sliding glass doors are shut and locked? Have you sat in bed in the summer and felt heat radiating off of your windows? Do you have moisture problems when the interior temperature is different from the temperature outdoors? 

All of these issues and more are solved with double pane windows and doors.

Double panes are essentially increased insulation on some of your most vulnerable areas - the windows and doors of your home. The structure is simple yet effective. Two panes of glass and two frames are sealed together with a gas in between that acts as a temperature insulator.

This type of insulation can increase the energy efficiency and overall comfort of your home. Additionally, this solution is a straightforward support to any Smart thermostat and updated HVAC system, helping your home work more efficiently and affordably.

If you are ready to install double pane windows or doors, let us know! Our expert team would be happy to help you find the perfect design for your home.

Switching Roofs

 Double Paned Windows and Doors Services We Offer

$0 Down / No Credit ✔ / Transparent / Trusted Lender / Save Money


Save Money

With increased insulation comes higher energy efficiency in your home. This means that double pane windows and doors are a simple way to assist your HVAC system. When you install double panes, you will find that your system doesn’t have to work as hard to regulate internal temperatures, lowering your year round energy costs. 


Reduce External Noises

If you are located in an urban area with high traffic frequency or live in a suburban home on a busy street, this perk of the double-paned window system may be a high priority for you. Double-paned windows and doors can reduce external noises by up to 75%, making your home quiet and cozy no matter what is going on outdoors.


Increase Comfort

No one enjoys feeling an icy chill in the winter or scorching heat in the summer - especially when you are indoors and expecting to experience a preset temperature. Double pane windows and doors allow you to realize the dream of complete comfort in your home. Get in touch with SF Green Construction and get comfortable!


Boost Home Value


Structural upgrades are a great way to increase your home value. As you’ve seen above, there are many reasons to convert to double panes, from increased energy efficiency to reduced noise. Homebuyers want these benefits, too. So, not only will double pane windows and doors save you money, but they can increase the value of your home when you put it on the market.


Improve Air Quality

Single panes can develop moisture issues and cause mold to form. Aluminum frames paired with single-paned windows are the worst culprit of them all. However, single panes tend to have much more condensation due to temperature differentials than double paned windows. Prevent these issues by installing a dual pane system.



The team at SF Green Construction installs ENERGY STAR certified double pane windows and doors. These products come with a greater assurance of efficiency, reduce UV damage to indoor valuables, and certify performance. We work with ENERGY STAR brands because they conform with our values - and they will lower your carbon footprint for years to come. 

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