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Heating, Ventilation, and Cooling Systems

Energy efficiency starts within the home, with your HVAC system

HVAC systems handle the airflow in your home. Not only does this affect heating and cooling, but your HVAC system also controls the indoor atmosphere of your home. When your HVAC system is dirty, unmaintained, damaged, or outdated, you will experience increased energy prices and air quality reduction.

At SF Green Construction, we work with you to create an energy-efficient home with HVAC systems that save you money over time. Additionally, our team is in the know about the latest technologies, rebates, and incentives you can use to create a green home without breaking the bank. Connect with our team of experts and discover how you can improve your indoor air quality and comfort today.

Switching Roofs

HVAC Services We Offer

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Heating inconsistencies are often actually HVAC inefficiencies. This means that keeping one room at a comfortable temperature may be costing you more than an upgraded and efficient system would. Our expert team members can examine your heating system to discover inefficiencies and recommend affordable upgrades and maintenance options to provide you with the most comfortable heating system available.



When looking to upgrade air conditioning, most homeowners look for a high “SEER” rating. SEER, or Seasonal Energy Efficiency Ratio, is the ratio of cooling output of an air conditioner over your normal cooling season, divided by the energy it uses. This ratio shows the energy efficiency of a given air conditioning system. If you want to increase your system’s efficiency, contact us to discuss the ideal SEER ratio for your area.



Hot days in the bay area are becoming more and more common each passing year. Stay comfortable indoors with an energy-efficient cooling system. If you have been getting by with a window unit AC, an old air handling system, or no air conditioning at all, now is the time to take a look at the clean and energy efficient options available to you.


Air Quality


Proper ventilation is one of the determining factors for indoor air quality. Improperly ventilated rooms can retain indoor air pollutants like harsh chemicals, pet dander, ultrafine particles, and more. All of this will ultimately affect your family’s comfort. The experts at SF Green Construction will take your air quality into consideration when performing any HVAC upgrade or maintenance.



Proper ventilation is vitally important to protect your home's air quality and build an effective and efficient air handling system. We examine your air filtration, insulation, old vent shafts, and more and ensure your system provides you and your family with clean ventilation. Whether your vents need maintenance or a complete overhaul, we are here to help.



HVAC systems are often a “set and forget” type set up for most homeowners. However, this system requires regular maintenance to keep it performing at its peak efficiency. Additionally, maintenance is needed to benefit interior air quality and keep your vents and filters clean. The SF Green Construction team is familiar with the vast majority of HVAC systems and can provide you with the best maintenance schedule for your home. 

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