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Tex-Cote COOLWALL® System

Use the latest in modern technology to keep your home cool

SF Green Construction is excited to use the latest in cooling technologies from Tex-Cote, LLC: the Tex-Cote COOLWALL® system. This system utilizes military-grade heat-signature concealment technology to reflect solar heat. The COOLWALL® system reduces your home's heat absorption, lowering your cooling bills in the summer months and keeping your home at a comfortable temperature.

Tested by the Department of Energy, the COOLWALL® system is proven to significantly lower indoor temperatures. You can pair this cooling system with other efficiency systems like a cool roof, proper insulation, updated HVAC, and more to create a cost-effective solution for increased temperatures. Additionally, this system comes in a wide variety of colors, so you don’t have to sacrifice aesthetics for sustainability.

Contact the experts at SF Green Construction today to get the Tex-Cote COOLWALL® system applied to your home. 

Switching Roofs

Tex-Cote COOLWALL® Services 

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Reduced Cooling Costs

The U.S. Department of Energy’s Oak Ridge National Laboratory has tested the Tex-Cote COOLWALL® system and found that it can reduce cooling costs by anywhere from 4%-21.9%. When paired with a cool roof and proper insulation, you can save even more on energy costs. Just talk to our experts to find the right combination of cost-saving solutions today.



The COOLWALL® has been tested in the Tex-Cote xenon weathering chamber for the equivalent of over a decade of exposure. So far, these tests have proven the material durable and able to last well over ten years. As it continues to be tested and utilized, we will update the durability information.


Fade Block Protection

Tex-Cote has a stringent fade testing system, utilizing accelerated weathering tests similar to those used on automotive paints. The COOLWALL® system has been found to be highly resistant to fading in all tests so far conducted.


Infrared Technology


The latest in infrared heat reflective technology, the Tex-Cote COOLWALL® not only stays cooler than other exterior walls, but this patented technology keeps your paint color from changing or fading, even as it efficiently reflects heat off of your home.


Color Varieties

Tex-Cote COOLWALL® Coating Systems come in a variety of colors, from Oxford White to deep blue, from gold to chocolate, and every shade in between. You can find a beautiful, fade-resistant shade to fit your aesthetic by consulting with our experts here at SF Green Construction.


Easy Application

COOLWALL® technology is simple to apply to your home’s exterior. Whether it is being applied to a pre-painted wall, a new construction, or a home addition, the experts at SF Green Construction have been trained on the proper, durable application of Tex-Cote products.

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