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Use every ray of sunshine to create clean power for your home

Nationwide electricity costs are skyrocketing. This is the case in California. Our main relief is the many energy-efficient and solar power programs that our state helps fund and subsidize. If you are looking at installing solar in your home, then you can utilize state-funded programs, federal tax breaks, rebates, and more. These will allow you to realize a rapid return on your solar investment. 

Installing solar panels to power your home will provide you with a green energy solution that cuts your energy costs. Additionally, when you become a solar user, you can sell your excess energy back to the utility company that once charged you. Finally, local and federal tax credits, rebates, and financing programs make it incredibly easy and affordable to get solar panels installed - so you can start saving money and the environment.

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You have chosen to install solar in your home. What’s next? The first thing that needs to occur is a home assessment. SF Green Construction will examine your home to discover the ideal panel placement, your energy use, the system that fits your needs, and more. 


Energy Savings

Flat roofs are formulated in many ways, some of which are easy to convert to cool roofing. Our team may be able to apply a cool coating or substitute a reflective material for the dark gravel that covers your roof. There are many options for converting a flat roof to a cool roof, and our team will provide you with the best one available. 



Once you have an assessment in hand, the next step is to explore financing options and understand the rebates and tax credits available to you. We have partnered with a financing institution to help homeowners like you get solar panels installed and begin your energy savings today - but you can choose to work with any institution you’d like. 


Increase Home Value


Not only do your solar panels provide you with substantial financial savings, but they also add value to your home. Statistics show that homes with solar can see an increase of value at about 17% of comparable homes in the same area.



SF Green Construction provides turn-key service. We will take care of the permitting and installation. Our team of highly skilled professionals will stay in touch with you over the course of the installation, arriving on time and providing instructions and explanations during the process.


Environmental Value

So-called “value of solar studies” vary widely, but solar energy provides more environmental value than just reducing energy consumption. Your panels help to keep the power grid more sustainable as you generate reliable energy from home. Additionally, your installation will reduce air pollution, avoid fossil fuel lifecycle costs, and much more.