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Solar Energy

Use every ray of sunshine to create clean power for your home

It is not unknown to any American homeowner that the electricity costs are skyrocketing all across the country. In California as well, the costs have gone up by quite an extent. This is the time when every homeowner must think of switching to solar energy systems for their homes to make significant savings on their electricity bills. And, with a trusted name like SF Green Construction, you can easily switch to solar energy for your home without having to spend a fortune or facing a lot of hassles. 


SF Green Construction is a leading name offering advanced green energy solutions for all kinds and sizes of properties. The state also funds and subsidizes several energy-efficient and solar power programs. And, if you are thinking about installing solar in your home, then SF Green Construction is your go-to name for the best solutions and high-quality services. We do not just offer the best products, innovations and prices in the market but we also help you utilize state-funded programs, federal tax breaks, rebates, and more to make it a highly economical and cost-effective investment with quick and valuable returns. 

Installing solar panels helps bring down the energy costs of your home by a great margin. If that’s not already a great incentive, you also have the option to sell excess energy back to the utility company that charges you for the energy you use. With a team of certified and highly experienced professionals, when it comes to solar, you can expect the best from us. We also help you with various financing programs to help you get solar panels installed without breaking the bank. Your journey towards saving money and the environment begins with SF Green Construction. Get in touch now! 

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Solar Energy Services

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Once you have decided to install solar energy systems at your home, you have nothing more to worry about. Our team of experts at SF Green Construction will offer end-to-end assistance to get the solar energy systems up and running in your property. The first thing we start with is a comprehensive and detailed home assessment. SF Green Construction will examine your entire property to formulate the best solar plan for your home covering important concerns including the ideal panel placement location, your energy needs and usage, the appropriate solar system that fits your property and needs, and a lot more.


Energy Savings

Solar energy is all about reduced electricity bills. Installing solar panels at your home can be a great way to make long-term savings and get incredible returns on your investment. When you have SF Green Construction at your disposal, you can be assured of getting the best solar system for your home with the minimal investment. We strive to help you make energy savings quickly and conveniently, without any hassles or complications. 



Once we are ready with a plan, SF Green Construction offers you the best financing options along with a detailed quote for the entire installation of solar in your home. Our prices are guaranteed to be the best in the market and we help you get solar panels installed affordably. With years of experience and knowledge about all recent market and industry trends, we help you explore and utilise the various financing options and also understand the rebates and tax credits offered by the state. We also have collaborations with leading financing institutions to help homeowners get solar panels installed and begin energy savings without money being a constraint. 


Increase Home Value


Solar energy systems increase the value of any property and if you ever think of selling your house, with a solar energy system installed, you will get much better prices than other properties for sale at the same location. People want to make energy savings and a property with solar energy resources will be more attractive for them, being easier to sell as well. Statistics also show that homes with solar can see an increase of value of approximately 17% of comparable homes in the same area.



When it comes to solar energy, SF Green Construction offers turn-key services. We offer end-to-end solutions that are tailored for your property, affordable and highly sustainable. We take care of the permittance and installation and our team of highly skilled professionals make sure it happens seamlessly. We believe in constant communication providing instructions and explanations during the process, so that you are always aware of what is happening. 


Environmental Value

Last but not the least, with SF Green Construction you do not just get the most affordable solar systems and seamless installation services, but it is your chance to make a big impact by going green. Solar energy is the need of the hour and will definitely help the environment in a great way in the long run. Solar energy is the energy resource of the future and will help us make for a sustainable tomorrow. Consult with SF Green Construction for the most sustainable green and solar energy solutions for your home. 

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