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Artificial Turf and Landscaping

Cut back on water usage while maintaining a beautiful lawn - all year round

Water conservation is vital, especially in our beautiful golden state of California. However, you do not need to sacrifice beauty and comfort to reduce water consumption. All you have to do is stop watering your lawn!

At SF Green Construction, we offer water-wise landscaping and artificial turf. Our true-to-life artificial grass looks and feels lovely while providing a green alternative to wasteful living turf. If you love the look of a lawn but hate the idea of wasting water on maintaining a non-native, monoculture plant, then the Green Development by Art Grass USA is the lawn solution for you. There’s no need to weed and feed, no need to water, and no need to worry about toxins leaching into the soil. We simply install your lovely, green artificial grass and you and your family can enjoy it.

Get in touch with SF Green Constructiont today to see a sample of your new, artificial lawn. 

Switching Roofs

Artificial Turf & Landscaping Services We Offer

$0 Down / No Credit ✔ / Transparent / Trusted Lender / Save Money


Water-Wise Solution


That green lawn that we all love to sink our toes into accounts for one-third of all residential water use in the US. As the bay area gets drier, lawn watering costs get more expensive - both to your wallet and the environment. Artificial turf provides a water-wise solution while still looking green and beautiful.


Energy Savings



Flat roofs are formulated in many ways, some of which are easy to convert to cool roofing. Our team may be able to apply a cool coating or substitute a reflective material for the dark gravel that covers your roof. There are many options for converting a flat roof to a cool roof, and our team will provide you with the best one available. 


Fight Monoculture 

Turfgrass is a monoculture designed to outcompete and suppress natural species that would normally grow in our area. At the same time, we all love the durability and beauty of this grass species. Instead of maintaining, mowing, fertilizing, and propagating grass, get the look without the environmental impact with artificial turf.


Increase Home Value


Not only do your solar panels provide you with substantial financial savings, but they also add value to your home. Statistics show that homes with solar can see an increase of value at about 17% of comparable homes in the same area.


Durable and Fun


Artificial grass is much more durable than the real thing. Play catch, set up lawn chairs, sunbathe or play bocci ball on your Green Development by Art grass. This artificial turf will keep providing you with great experiences for years to come. Contact SF Green Construction today to find out more about our beautiful, true-to-life synthetic product.


Environmental Value


So-called “value of solar studies” vary widely, but solar energy provides more environmental value than just reducing energy consumption. Your panels help to keep the power grid more sustainable as you generate reliable energy from home. Additionally, your installation will reduce air pollution, avoid fossil fuel lifecycle costs, and much more.

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