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Save up to 15% on your energy bill by upgrading to a cool roof!

A cool roof is a simple yet effective tool for drastically lowering your energy bill. The cool roof works in the same way light-colored clothing keeps you cool in the summertime - it is a reflective coating or roofing material that is applied to your home. This converts your roof from a heat absorber to one that reflects heat up into the atmosphere, keeping your roof and home nice and cool on hot days. 

No matter what kind of roof you have, we can convert it into a cool roof, saving you money and making your home a greener, more comfortable place to live. Additionally, when you install a cool roof, you will be contributing to cooling your entire city and mitigating the urban heat island phenomenon. So, by reducing heat in your home, you are also helping your community and the planet.

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The team at SF Green Construction will examine your asphalt shingle roof to determine the best way to convert it into a cool roof. We will most commonly retrofit or re-cover existing shingles with cool shingles, which use specially coated granules that reflect sunlight and keep your interior cool. 



Flat roofs are formulated in many ways, some of which are easy to convert to cool roofing. Our team may be able to apply a cool coating or substitute a reflective material for the dark gravel that covers your roof. There are many options for converting a flat roof to a cool roof, and our team will provide you with the best one available. 



Tile roofs can be transformed into a cool roof using surface treatments, naturally reflective tile types, and more. Cool technology for all roofing material is constantly advancing, so options for creating cool tiles and shingles will continue to grow as new materials are developed and tested.




Silicone roofs can easily be recoated and retrofitted with cool materials. If you have a Gaco-coated roof or another type of foam roof, get in touch. Our team of roofing professionals will provide a recommendation for converting your roof and reducing your costs.

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Just as with tile, some metal roofing is finished to provide enough reflectance to reach cool roof standards. However, not every type of metal roof is a “cool roof.” The SF Green Construction team can evaluate your metal roofing and discuss options for improving its ability to reflect heat, thereby reducing indoor temperatures.


Solar Roof

Solar panels can reduce your roof’s heat by blocking the sun from hitting the roofing material. However, many roofs with solar panels installed do not have a complete blanket of panels. If you feel your home could benefit from cool roofing, let us know and we can work with you to create a green energy strategy that works with your existing solar set up.