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Save up to 15% on your energy bill by upgrading to a cool roof!

SF Green Constructions is a leading home improvement contractor offering a wide range of roofing services for all kinds of properties. We use the most advanced construction techniques and innovation to deliver state-of-the art solutions that perfectly fit your property. 


We offer a wide variety of roofing solutions including shingles, metal roofing as well as solar roofs and cool roofs. SF Green Construction is a preferred specialist for cool roofs which help lower your energy bill and save a lot of money. Cool roofs keep your property cool with the help of a reflective coating or roofing material that reflects back a considerable portion of the sunlight to prevent heating up inside the property. 


This helps keep your roof as well as your entire home cool and comfortable during the hot summer days. And the best part about our cool roofs is the fact that no matter what your existing roof is made of, we can turn it into a cool roof for your home. With years of expertise in the field, products from top manufacturers in the industry and a team of highly skilled, proficient and trained professionals, SF Green Construction offers the highest quality of roofing services at the best prices in the market. 


With our advanced roofing solutions like cool roofs and solar roofs, you can save a lot of money on electricity bills and also get a greener, more comfortable and convenient place to live in. If it comes to roofing solutions for your home that do not burn a hole in your pocket, SF Green Construction is your go-to name. Consult with our experts and get the best advice based upon your needs and preferences. Call us now! 

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At SF Green Construction, we have a team of certified and trained experts who will examine your asphalt shingle roof and determine the best solutions to turn it into a cool roof. We can both retrofit or re-cover existing shingles with cool shingles. These cool shingles use specially coated granules that reflect the sunlight and keep your property cool during the hot season. Our cool shingle roofing solutions make for better savings on electricity bills as well as the re-roofing costs. 



Flat roofs can be of different varieties and you need experts to work with these roofs and convert them into cool roofing. At SF Green Construction, it is the specialty of our team. We can seamlessly convert your roof into a cool roof with the help of cool coating or a reflective material. We also offer a variety of options to convert a flat roof to a cool roof at extremely affordable prices. 



Tile roofs are roofs that can very easily be converted into cool roofs using surface treatments, naturally reflective tile types, and a lot more. SF Green Construction has handled numerous such projects and we offer highly affordable and tailored services for property owners who have tiled roofs. We make use of the most advanced and latest cool roof technologies and materials to make sure you get the best quality and the results you desire. 




SF Green Construction also works on and with silicone roofing. Silicone roofs can also be easily recoated and retrofitted with cool roofing materials. Property owners who have Gaco-coated roofs or any other foam-based roofing material, simply consult with our team of roofing professionals. We will offer you the most effective, sustainable and innovative solutions and recommendations to convert your roof at the best prices in the market.  

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While some metal roofs already reflect a part of light, they are still not good enough to reach the cool roof standards. Also, not all metal roofs are “cool roofs.” SF Green Construction can help evaluate the needs of your metal roofing and also suggest the best options for improving its ability to reflect heat, to effectively reduce indoor temperatures at the most cost-effective prices. 


Solar Roof

SF Green Construction is a leading solar roofing specialist. We offer tailored and highly innovative solar roofing solutions which not only help you save money but is also an active step towards a greener environment and also keeps your property comfortable and convenient. With roof solar panels that reduce your roof’s heat by blocking the sun from coming in contact with the roofing material, your property will inevitably stay cool. If you want to adopt this green energy solution and are interested in cool roofing, let us know and we can work with you to create a green energy strategy that will work with your existing solar energy system. 

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