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Building a Greener World Through Eco-Entrepreneurship

You recycle, compost, and conserve water. You've even invested in green energy home improvements from LA Green Development. How can you do more to contribute to a cleaner, greener world? To make a bigger impact on the planet, you need to think beyond your own carbon footprint. Starting a business that fights back against climate change is an opportunity to lead, innovate, and inspire progress towards a greener world. These resources will help you turn your passion for the planet into a sustainable small business.

Green Business Ideas

Where are the best opportunities in green business today?

● Eco-friendly startups are leading sustainable innovation in the technology sector.

● Eco-conscious stores that use sustainable packaging, minimize waste, and support environmental charities meet the growing demand for green retail.

● Green consulting and contracting are also on the rise. Consultants help homeowners and business owners become more environmentally friendly.

● Need more ideas? Let this list of eco-friendly business ideas spark your creativity.

Steps to Start a Business

What does it take to start a business? A great idea, a hardworking attitude, and a whole lot of paperwork.

● Starting a business requires applying for licenses, permits, and tax IDs, buying insurance, and filing formation documents. Learn more about the legal side of starting a business.

● Choosing a business entity is another key step. If it's your first time starting a business, you'll probably form a limited liability company. Click here to learn how to form an LLC in California.

● A business plan is important whether you're seeking outside funding or not. This guide explains how to write an effective business plan.

● If you do need funding to start your business, know your options. Small business owners can access startup capital via loans, credit cards, friends and family, angel investors, venture capital, and crowdfunding. Bootstrapping is also a popular way to start a business.

Marketing Your Green Business

It's not a business until you have customers. How can companies reach the growing number of eco-conscious consumers?

● A green business's brand should reflect its values. From the company name to the colors and imagery it uses, several factors go into creating an eco-friendly brand.

● Aligning with green causes is one of the top green marketing strategies. Companies that get involved in environmental causes attract eco-conscious buyers willing to pay a premium.

● Customers want to hear about a company's eco-friendly practices, but most of all, they want evidence. Sustainable certifications like Fair Trade certified, USDA Organic, and B corporation certification lend credibility to eco-friendly businesses.

There's never been a better time to go green. If eco-entrepreneurship is calling you, use these resources to get your business idea off the ground. There's a greener future out there just waiting for you to build it.

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