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Eight Reasons to Install Solar

Updated: May 9, 2022

Solar panel installation has been a contested issue in the past several years. Mostly because federal tax credits were set to end in 2021. These credits have now been extended through 2023 and may be extended further. Additionally, the state of California has several incentive programs that homeowners can utilize when they install solar panels on their homes.

With so many new incentive programs available, solar energy demand is once again on the rise. Even so, solar installation can feel like a daunting process. That’s why we have provided eight additional reasons why you should install solar panels on your home.

Why You Should Install Solar

As you consider installing solar panels on your home and using solar energy, we hope you will think about the below eight benefits for installing solar.

1. Cut down on electricity costs. Solar panels take advantage of the free sunshine already hitting your roof. Systems charge up batteries or exchange power with the grid so that overnight power is also assured.

2. Hedge your bets against rising power costs. You are producing your own energy, and the costs of your solar panels do not go up over time - unlike your electricity bill. Take advantage of the solar revolution and fix your electricity rates while you’re at it.

3. Reduce your carbon footprint. Clean solar power reduces the carbon emissions caused by power plants powering your home. Simply installing panels can cut your emissions and contribute to overall energy independence.

4. Increase your property value. Solar is increasing in demand. Homes with solar panels are often sold at a higher price - and sold more rapidly - than a less sustainable home.

5. Cool down your roof. While installing a cool roof is the best way to assure that the interior of your home, solar panels absorb light and use it for energy, preventing that hot sun from beating down directly on your roof. So, to some degree the portion of your roof covered by solar panels will serve to both cool and power your home.

6. Save on your taxes. The current federal tax credit for solar panel installation runs through 2023. Save on your taxes by getting solar installed this year.

7. Share your commitment to sustainability. Solar panels are both a practical and a visual demonstration of your commitment to green living. Show your friends and neighbors that solar power can be used in your neighborhood by being the first to install your solar system.

8. Save on installation costs with local rebates and incentive programs.

There are many local rebate and incentive programs of which California homeowners can take advantage. These allow you to save on the up front costs of installing solar while still gaining the savings provided by energy-saving solar power.

Are you ready to reduce your power bills by installing a solar system? Contact the experts at SF Green Construction and find out how you can benefit from solar panel installation.

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